To update the logo, copy your logo files to the static/images/logo folder. You can simply overwrite the existing files.

Hugo Lever requires 4 logo variations for mobile and inverted (white) states.

  • static/images/logo/logo.svg Desktop logo
  • static/images/logo/logo-mobile.svg Mobile logo, typically the smaller icon version of your logo “the mark”
  • static/images/logo/logo-invert.svg Desktop logo in white, for use when the header is transparent
  • static/images/logo/logo-invert-mobile.svg Mobile logo in white

If you want to use different filenames for your logo you can update the path to the logos in the config.toml. You can use .png or other file extensions.

# config.toml

    logo_text = "Hugo Lever"
    show_logo_text_on_desktop = true
    show_logo_text_on_mobile = false
    show_logo_image_on_desktop = false
    show_logo_image_on_mobile = true
    logo_image_desktop = "images/logo/logo.svg"
    logo_image_desktop_invert = "images/logo/logo-invert.svg"
    logo_image_desktop_width = 32
    logo_image_desktop_height = 32
    logo_image_mobile = "images/logo/logo-mobile.svg"
    logo_image_mobile_invert = "images/logo/logo-invert-mobile.svg"
    logo_image_mobile_width = 32
    logo_image_mobile_height = 32