Site Config

The homepage can be configured from the content/_index.md file

title: "Hugo Lever"
date: 2019-02-22
description: "Lever is minimal personal/bio/portfolio theme for Hugo."
  heading: "Hi I'm James Mckinner, an AI writer, developer and consultant."
  description: "My goal is to deliver value to my clients by utilizing my expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complex business problems. "
  show_social_media_icons: true
    url: ""
    text: "Get In Touch"
    external: true
  enabled: true
  heading: "Featured Work"
  description: "A collection of my projects, articles, notes, podcasts, talks and more"
  show_view_all: false
  limit: 12
  enabled: true
  heading: "Kickstart your Hugo project"
  description: "Save days and weeks with our best practice templates."
  - button: 
    url: "https://www.zerostatic.io/theme/hugo-lever/"
    text: "Contact"
    external: true
  - button: 
    url: "https://www.zerostatic.io/theme/hugo-lever/"
    text: "Hire Me"
    external: true

Editing of the homepage layout

To edit the homepage layout and add new features you will need to edit the layout file layouts/index.html