Zerostatic themes has been building free and premium static site generator themes for 5+ years.

Beautiful, Fast, Authentic Websites

As someone who has been designing and building websites for a living for a long time, I’m never happier then when I’m building static sites. Crafting beautiful, fast, authentic websites has never been easier. There is a certain zen to embracing the core technologies of the web; namely HTML, CSS and Javascript and avoiding all the tiresome parts.

Clearly, a-lot of other people feel the same way 🎉

Quality Themes

Our number one focus is quality themes for static site generators

Don’t Hardcode Content

As a rule, hardcoding content inside the templates is wrong.

Editable & Configurable Via Front-matter

Themes should maximise the use of front-matter, template variables and configuration options.

Best Practices For Each SSG

Themes should adopt the best practices of the static site generator they are built for. So no dumping jQuery into Gatsby, we need to recode it using React components. No placing a bunch of “posts” into Hugo if the content type is a service. Each service needs to be its own content type, folder and layout.

The Right Level Of Complexity

It’s not immediately obvious when you look at our themes, but a lot of work goes into writing code that isn’t just “clean” but is easy to understand and extend. Static site themes do require some level of HTML/CSS knowledge, but I’d like that level to be very basic. You should be able to copy and paste a lot of the code as a reference.

Great Support

I’m happy to report that I’ve yet to receive one refund request (fingers crossed 🤞🏽) and that I get emails from happy customers all the time. Real, direct emails! For FAQ’s and more support questions view the support page

Good Documentation

Each theme should come with good, practical documentation. Documentation for our premium themes is available online prior to purchasing the theme.

Email Me

If you have have questions or need support for my themes you can email me. I mean I’m not here to teach you to write HTML (you probably need to know the basics to use static site generators at all) - but If you are trying to figure out how to add a new field to the services page or something, I’m pretty happy to help. Often I ask you to invite me as a collaborator on Github and I can do a PR.


For more complex issues, some of my customers add me to their Github repo so that I can help debug the code and provide a PR to fix the problem.