Hugo Advance


Hugo Advance

Hugo Advance is our premium multi-purpose Hugo theme.

  • Hugo Version: 0.113.0
  • Theme Version: 1.4.2
  • Updated: Feb 24, 2023
  • License: Pro
  • Price: $89 USD

Theme features

Content Types

  • Homepage (Markdown)
  • Services (Markdown)
  • Work (Markdown)
  • Team (Markdown)
  • Blog (Markdown)
  • Partners (Data)
  • Basic Page (Markdown)
  • Author (Taxonomy)
  • Portfolio (Taxonomy)
  • Contact Form (Single Page)


  • Bootstrap 5.2
  • SCSS (Hugo Pipelines)
  • Includes all SCSS files which are well structured and cleanly written
  • Responsive design


  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse performance score
  • No jQuery


  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse SEO score
  • Title and meta tags generated for each page
  • OG Meta tags (facebook, twitter cards) generated for each page
  • Auto generates meta title for each page
  • Semantic document structure, h1, h2, p etc
  • Header animation on scroll
  • Transparent header over hero images and backgrounds, turns white on scroll
  • Configure fixed header and header transparency
  • Responsive menu using simple vanilla JS code
  • Animated hamburger and mobile overlay
  • Nested main menu using Hugo menus
  • Multiple footer menus which are configured in config.toml


  • Robust example content included out of the box
  • All photos, illustrations and icons included with this theme are royalty free


  • Full blog. Contains categories, tags and author profiles
  • Blog posts can have full width hero images

Contact Form

  • Contact page includes a contact form that is pre-configured to work with Netlify forms.


  • Supports Google fonts, configured in the config.toml
  • Theme is bundled with the free version of Font Awesome 5. The SCSS files are included so you can use font awesome icon mixins in the SCSS as well as the HTML.


  • Full Multilingual support
  • Theme demo ships with English and French enabled
  • multilingual menus
  • 2 language switchers in main menu and footer which can be enabled/disabled
  • i18n support


  • Theme is ready to deploy to Netlify and contains a netlify.toml


Version 1.4.2 (Released Feb 24, 2023)

  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 5.2
  • Add config option to allow HTML in markdown
  • Improve performance and prevent flickering of dark mode by increasing priority of darkmode javascript snippet in the head.
  • Test baseurl with all metatags and improve absolute url

Version 1.4.1 (Released Jan 23, 2023)

  • Improve Google local fonts with more examples
  • Add email link to team bio
  • Improve control over SEO and OG meta tags. Ability to override the title, description and og meta tags on a per page basis via frontmatter. see content/en/services/ for an example. If overrides are not specified, the pages regular title, description and image fields are used as a fallback.
  title: "Web Design Services"
  description: "We offer the best range of web design services in the area"
  og_title: "View our web design services"
  og_image: "images/gen/services/service-12-large.webp"
  og_description: "Learn about the web design services we offer. It encompasses many different skills and disciplines"

Version 1.4 (Released Sep 12, 2022)

  • Tested with latest Hugo version v0.102.3
  • Update favicons
  • Update image content
  • Fix broken demo content from Unsplash

Version 1.3.2 (Released June 20, 2022)

  • Fix bug when disabling language switcher in header

Version 1.3.1 (Released April 15, 2022)

  • Fixes issue with latest Hugo version 0.96+ .URL error. Hugo versions v0.96+ were no longer running because of deprecated .URL error. Fixed this bug by updating .URL => .Permalink

Version 1.3 (Released April 26, 2021)

  • Added full multilingual support! 👋 🇦🇺🇪🇸🇫🇷
  • Added multilingual demo content, I chose French, please excuse the poor translations.
  • Added multilingual menus
  • Added language selector dropdown in menu
  • As part of the multilingual implementation, lots of configuration options have been moved from the config.toml to the individual markdown files. For example instead of configuring the services page from the config.toml, you now configure it in the service pages front-matter.
  • Added support for image, video, figure shortcodes in markdown content
  • Added nested menus
  • Added dark mode
  • Improved demo content
  • Updated from Bootstrap 4.3 => 4.6
  • Updated and test with Hugo v0.80.0
  • Removed jQuery

Version 1.2 - (Released Jul 15, 2019)

  • Updated documentation theme documentation
  • Add global config option: enableGitInfo = true - When sorting content by it’s last modified date it will use the git timestamp of when the file was modified. No longer need to manually update the lastmod front matter in markdown files.
  • Ability to import and configure Google fonts from the config.toml
  • Improve homepage slider functionality on mobile
  • Configure all aspects of the services section on the homepage from the config.toml
  • Configure all aspects of the work section on the homepage from the config.toml
  • Change the “We Help Business Grow” section on the homepage to be easier to change the image
  • Partners logos on the homepage now contain links
  • Update font from “Palaquin Dark” to “Palaquin” - It’s the same font (Google fonts) but this version has a larger version of font weights available.
  • hero image text color can now be configured in front-matter
  • hero image can now be hidden on a per page basis from the front-matter
  • Added hero-image partial to services page
  • Added an additional overview section to services page
  • Improved design and functionality of service summaries. Summaries can now have thumbnails using the frontmatter thumbnail in a services markdown file.
  • Ability to configure the default gradient colours for the hero-image partial in the config.toml see hero_gradient_start and hero_gradient_end
  • Add filters and filtering by taxonomy to the work grid
  • Work grid now uses pure CSS masonry. Removed masonry.pkgd.min.js and imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js
  • Design changes to work list page
  • Improvements to work single page
  • Single work pages can now have a gallery at the bottom
  • Can now specify the sort order of the work grid in config.toml - options: “shuffle”, “lastmod”, “weight”
  • Add sequenced fade-in animation to work grid using AOS
  • Configure headers transparancy in a pages frontmatter

Version 1.1 (Released Feb 27, 2019)

  • Added online theme documentation
  • Update SCSS files to Bootstrap 4.3.
  • All sections of the homepage are now configurable via the config.toml.
  • All sections of the services page are now configurable via the config.toml.
  • Configure global theme colors and fonts from the config.toml or style.scss. Hugo site params passed into the style.scss file.
  • Added contact-cta partial which displays a call to action and can link to the contact page, signup etc. Heading, subheading and button can be configured globally in the config.toml.
  • Refactor animated header classes to be cleaner and more intuitive. Can inject header classes on a per template .basis. Useful if you have a page with a hero image and you want the header to be transparent over the top.
  • Simplify hamburger icon, remove hamburger.css library.
  • Enlarge the hitzone of the logo and hamburger menu in mobile view.
  • Refactor hero-image partial parameters. Is now set height by default (with default height of 600px). Optionally control the height (ie 360px) or set to fullscreen from a markdown files frontmatter.
  • Redesign Team page. People are now in circles, where they belong. Added additional team member social media icons: dribble, behance, twitter. Easy to add more icons using font awesome 5.
  • Add author profile to blog posts, list and single.
  • Add author taxonomy for viewing blog posts by author.
  • Add hero-image partial to blog posts.
  • Improve document formatting of blog post content, adding styles for most semantic elements.
  • Footer menus are now hugo menus and are configured in config.toml.
  • Show hide footer menus from config.toml.
  • Enlarge hit zone of footer menu links on mobile.
  • Removed unused image and font assets from slick slider library.
  • Improved stacking of partner logos on mobile.
  • Adjust color and contrast of headings so that only links should appear in the primary link color.
  • Improve design of contact page, and make all text read from the markdown file.
  • Add meta tags and go meta tags to homepage configured via config.toml
  • Override meta tags on a per page basis
  • achieve 100/100 Google speed and SEO scores
  • Google analytics now uses Netlify environment variable if found, otherwise uses params found in config.toml. Google Analytics does not load on local development to avoid junk data.

Version 1.0 (Released Nov 27, 2018)

  • Initial release.


Pro License

This License grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of this theme. You are licensed to use this theme to create one single end product for yourself, your company or for one client.

The full license is included with the theme files.


Hugo Advance Documentation

Premium documentation is available for this theme online, you may view the documentation before you purchase the theme.



Hugo Advance was created by Robert Austin. We keep our premium themes up to date with fixes and new features, and provide direct 1-to-1 support – just send us a message.