Cookie Banner

This theme ships with an open source Cookie banner - - a lightweight, cutomizable, GDPR compliant cookie consent solution written in vanilla JS. Amazing 🍺

# config.yml

  enabled: true
  show_manage_cookies_at_bottom: true

You may not need a cookie banner, and that’s a good thing! By default this theme does not use cookies. We choose privacy friendly analytics and other privacy friendly services. So you might only need the banner if you start adding things like Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager etc. Find out more in our Privacy Docs.

Hugo cookie banner Hugo cookie banner settings

How It Works

The cookie banner isnt just a popup that the user has to click. It also prevents the loading of specific scripts (and the installation of cookies) until the user accepts. If the user rejects cookies it will not load linked scripts and it will delete associated cookies.

Let’s say you enable Google Analytics in the config.yml

Our Google Analytics snippet is tagged with the data-cookiecategory="analytics" which means the user must either “accept all” or enable “Performance and Analytics cookies” - Otherwise the Google Analytics snippet will not execute.

Managed Services

This theme ships with support for the following services to be cookie managed managed by the cookie banner.

  • GA4
  • Google Tag Manager

If you add other services you will need to update the cookie-consent configuration at _includes/framework/global/cookies/cookie-consent.html and read the documentation at